Adult Learning

“Find for yourself a teacher and acquire for yourself a friend.” (Pirke Avot, the Ethics of the Fathers)

At Congregation Shalom, we value ongoing learning for all ages. To that end, we offer a robust program of adult learning classes. We are always adding to our offerings, so check back frequently!

Our vibrant and active program of Adult Learning responds to the diverse and changing interests of our members.  One thing remains constant:  a high standard of education that translates into interesting and engaging conversation and a deep understanding of our culture and our people.

By creating multiple portals of entry to Jewish learning we have created a congregation of learners. Offerings for all ages and schedules include fun topics and text-based study, “How To” classes and other Jewish learning for Jewish living.


Spiritual Practices For Real Life
6 Sessions
Wednesdays at 7:00 pm
June 7, 14, 21, 28; July 5 and 12

This class will be offered on Zoom

No charge for Congregation Shalom members
Non-member fee: $18

June 7: On Gratitude: Empty Platitudes or Practice Worth Cultivating?
What is the role of gratitude in our lives? What are its benefits?  Is “practicing gratitude” just a trendy buzz phrase or a deep practice worthy of cultivation? Is gratitude empty if it doesn’t inspire us to help others?

June 14: “I’m Not Religious, I’m Spiritual”: Toward a Vibrant Jewish Lifestyle
When living in a world that is increasingly more secular, what is the role of religion and spirituality? Do we even need either? Both? What does it actually mean to be spiritual versus religious, and what do we mean when we define our identities in this way? Is it possible to integrate Jewish life/Judaism as a meaningful part of our lifestyle and identity, rather than compartmentalizing it? 

June 21: Not my God: Conceptions of Divinity 
Is it important to have a personal concept of God? Does it add value to our lives either way? If so, how do you define God and how would you define your relationship to God? How do we relate to a God we do and don’t believe in based on the messages/language we have experienced in spiritual and religious settings?

June 28: On Political and Spiritual Resistance: Protest or Pray?
What is the role of individual resistance when leadership doesn’t align with our values? What is our responsibility when we believe the decisions of authorities aren’t building towards the kind of society we want to live in? What impact does prayer have? Action? Is one more important than the other?

July 5: Revelations from the Ruins
What do you do in the face of hardship? Why do such moments occur? Can there be revelation in the ruins?

July 12: Siyum (Wrap-Up)
What are questions that have been activated for us as a result of this journey together? How do we meaningfully close this learning journey? At this moment, what are we grateful for with respect to this group experience? Who do we need to express that gratitude to?

This class is being offered as a result of Rabbi Lisa’s participation in Atra/IYUN Lab through the Center for Rabbinic Innovation. Registration will go to IYUN and Congregation Shalom as we work in partnership to provide this exciting and stimulating curriculum. Learn more about IYUN.

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