Jewish living is experienced through the cycle of holidays throughout the year, turning time into sacred moments, and events into memorable experiences. The Jewish calendar, beginning in the late summer and stretching through twelve months, is connected to the cycle of the moon (lunar), unlike the Gregorian (civil) calendar which is based on the sun (solar). Every few years, adjustments are made to make up for the 11 days (or so) lost due to the differences between the solar and lunar calendars. This way, our holidays – many of which are connected to agriculture and/or the growing cycle – remain in the correct seasons. After thousands of years, our calendar continues to give structure and pattern to our days and seasons. It also explains why it always seems like the holidays are always either “early” or “late.” The reality is that the Jewish holidays are always right on time.  They occur on the same date every year.  On the Jewish calendar that is!

Here’s the calendar of Jewish Holidays through calendar year 2026 CE (Jewish calendar year 5786).

Jewish holidays are a special and meaningful time at Congregation Shalom. As a small congregation, we tend to observe many of the Jewish holidays and festivals – other than the High Holy Days, of course – on the Shabbat closest to the actual date. Incorporating our holiday celebrations into our Shabbat worship services allows most people to participate and ensures a joyful celebration.

We hope you will join us at Congregation Shalom as we celebrate the Jewish holidays. Keep checking back here, our Facebook Group, and/or the calendar for dates and times.

For information about a specific holiday, click on the link below: