Death, Funerals, and Mourning

Congregation Shalom is here to support our members at a time of loss and grief.  Whether a death is anticipated or comes suddenly, the pain and trauma of loss is difficult and we are here to help.

At the Time of Death:

Please contact Rabbi Lisa Goldstein at (210) 382-4286 to make funeral arrangements when a loved one passes away, or to discuss funeral concerns or needs at any time. Rabbi Goldstein will meet with you to explain Jewish burial and mourning customs and to plan the funeral with you.  

Cemetery – Bet HaChayim

Congregation Shalom’s (formerly Temple Chai’s) section at Mission Park Cemetery Dominion is available for members of the congregation and others in the San Antonio Jewish community.  The plots can be purchased directly from Mission Park.

Grief and the time of Bereavement:

The days following the funeral are known as Shiva.  Following the funeral, family members gather for a Meal of Consolation and the beginning of the Shiva period. Rabbi Goldstein will discuss with you what Shiva will mean for your family.  Rabbi Goldstein and/or congregation members can be available to lead a minyan (evening service) at the house of mourning.

Unveiling/Stone Dedication:

It is a Jewish tradition to put a marker or tombstone at the gravesite. This is typically done within the first year, 30 days or more after the burial. There is a modern American Jewish custom of holding an unveiling or dedication service at that time. Rabbi Goldstein can lead this service or you can choose to conduct it yourself. There is no proscribed liturgy; sharing some memories of the deceased and saying the Mourner’s Kaddish is a lovely dedication.

There are so many ways to observe Jewish funeral and mourning practices. Our community is here to help.

Please visit Jewish mourning practices to learn more.