Mazel Tov! You’re having a baby. What a great joy it is to welcome a new life. Our rabbi is delighted to share this joy with you and help you begin the journey of this new life.

Brit Milah

Traditionally a Jewish boy is welcomed into the covenant of the Jewish people with the ritual of Brit Milah or Bris (circumcision) on the 8th day of his life.  The ritual is performed by a trained mohel or or mohelet and often with our rabbi’s participation.  We encourage families to reach out to our rabbi and staff to discuss options of mohelim and other details of this celebration.

Baby Namings and/or Brit Bat

There is no specified time limit for bestowing a Jewish name although it is customarily done during the first year of life (after the 8th day).  We welcome baby girls into the covenant with this special service that can be scheduled as part of our regular Shabbat worship or privately.  A Naming Ceremony is also available for boys whose circumcision is private or whose parents choose not to have their son circumcised.